Off-page SEO Checklist

With all the areas of Search Engine Optimization implemented over these years, the two main elements of SEO surrounds around On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Whipping your website’s content into a shape Search Engine requires for you to rank higher, On-page SEO is a practice of making all the elements within the website more valuable for users and the Search Engines.

Off-Page SEO is a technique of improving the authority and trustworthiness of the websites on other websites which focuses on building high-quality links back to your websites.

We have plenty of off-page Ingredients which plays an enormous role in the success of your website. Here is your checklist for getting on the right track.

1) Number of Inbound Links

Inbound Links counts as a vote to your website for a particular page and is an Off-page SEO ranking factor of positioning on top of the SERPs. Link value plays an important role in your ranking journey. The number of links pointing to your website better the chances are of being noticed.

2) Quality of Inbound Links

Quality is better than quantity, which is applicable in SEO as well. Authority, Page Rank, Relevancy and Trust are the criteria of a quality packed Inbound link.

3) The speed of Building Links

Besides from the quality and quantity of inbound links, the time and speed of building those links is an important element for off-page SEO tactic. Be natural, do not use tool to generate tons of links instantly. Go slow to get the best results.

4) Number of Social Shares

Google uses Social Shares as an SEO ranking factor. In today’s era, almost every website has Social Media engagements. Social media is a reasonable sign of quality content which encourages people to link your website. Therefore, Search engines consider this as a ranking factor as an off-page SEO checklist.

5) Citations

Citations are places on the internet where your business name, address and phone number is listed. Google trust the quality citation sites, which helps to show up your profile higher in the search engines.

6) Domain Age 

You don’t have control over off-page SEO factors, domain age is a prime example of this. A Domain which expires within a year or so has less authority over Google, than the domain who has been in place for over years.

7) Business Reviews

Business reviews are another factor of off-page SEO element. Reviews help businesses to gain trust and authority. Google takes note of this in identifying the business authority and ranks accordingly in the SERPs.

So as you see there are lots of depth of off-page SEO checklist to consider, which acts as a great starting point for your off-page SEO efforts. SEO is not an overnight process, so have patience. Execute these Off-page SEO checklists into your business, to see a tremendous change in your online brand presence and brand awareness.

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