Facebook as a Digital Marketing Tool

Facebook as a digital marketing tool
With more than 1.86 billion monthly active users and more than 40 million small businesses hustling for eyeballs on Facebook, it tends to be extremely hard to be noticed, as it tends to be a supreme social media platform for several years now.
Despite the fact that Facebook began as a pure social media to enable individuals to associate with your friends and family, it was a matter of time before it emerged as a powerful medium for promoting brands and marketing businesses. As, marketers are always looking for ways to get connected to potential customers.

Benefits of Facebook as a Digital Marketing Tool–

1) Exposure on Global Scale

Facebook offers various platforms for marketing as pages, groups, and ads. The Facebook page for an individual or a business is the most effective way to represent an individual or a business. A group page can be opened by a business or any organization to promote activities.
Facebook advertisements are very well known and this popularity has developed a remarkable position in recent years. Since Facebook has a significant huge measure of statistic information of all of its users, the ads are intended to target users with very explicit demographic chosen by the advertiser.

2) Low Marketing Expenses

Every business these days requires a website, which clearly would cost money to develop, host and maintain. Rather a Facebook page for any business can be made free of cost and any content can be uploaded on this page. On the other hand, there are Facebook ads which enables you to target potential customers with a number of demographic attributes, it can be utilized for targeting audience for ads.
These ads can be charged depending upon the need of the user, where CPC and CPM are the two popular charging methods. CPC (Cost Per Click) is charged per click, whereas, CPM (Cost Per Million) is charged per thousand impressions.
Two lesser-utilized strategies are OCPM (Optimized CPM), wherein Facebook demonstrates a promotion to those individuals who are probably going to positively react to it, and CPA (Cost Per Action) which anticipates users should make a particular move (e.g. page like) when they go over your ad.

3) Ability to Target Potential Customers

Facebook ads have a one of a kind facility which enables you to target potential clients depending on their demographics and interests. For example, if you wish to open your ads to young entrepreneurs, you could pick demographics of age less than 35, living in large cities. Facebook also allows you to re-target visitors you have already taken a walk through your ads earlier in the past, thus it helps you to effectively narrow down your target audiences.
Facebook’s algorithms are intended to encourage connection among page owner and the audiences. Beside from posting any message or picture or video for your audiences, at your preferred time and frequency, you can make and launch online marketing campaigns on Facebook too.

4) Grow your Brand Loyalty

Facebook permits simple and quick association among clients and businesses. It is likewise simple to respond to clients, which promotes brand loyalty. Fast client interaction implies you can give compelling customer support by posting a message for the client, which in appears on their FB page.
Facebook builds commitment like no other. Commitment as likes, comments, and interaction with your post. The more grounded the connection, the more chances you get to convert leads into sales.

5) Increase your Web Traffic

Through appropriate links, Facebook clients can be guided to your website. These clients are probably going to be receptive since they go to your website intentionally by tapping on the link. Once on your landing page, the visitors can be presented to more direct marketing pitch in the type of call to action, or to the products or services that you are offering.
The e-commerce business multiplied its client, and saw an increment in its mobile application activation rates after Facebook turned into its lead marketing channel.

6) Facebook Insight and Competitors Information

Once you have your Facebook ad ready, you can examine a lot of useful information from Facebook Insight. Where how many likes on your pages, total reach on your website, how many people got engaged with your post, is all provided by Facebook Insight.
Facebook Adverts Manager gives you a chance to follow a scope of performance metrics, which helps to measure the impressions (number of times ads were appeared), (number of individuals who saw your advertisement), and frequency (number of times visitors go through your advertisement).
It additionally measures the occasional activities, for example, page likes, posting comments, share and so on are taken by visitors.

You can utilize Google Analytics on your website to get some valuable data, for example, visits, percentage of new visitors, locations from where those visitors originated, etc. You can likewise get bit of knowledge about competitors in your locality.

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