Reasons Why TikTok is Being Banned in India

tiktok banned
TikTok, the famous video making, and sharing application has been in the news for the wrong reasons behind some time now. Despite getting a loyal following over the globe, the app has faced a lot of criticism, and apparently endless stream of controversies has guaranteed that there have been many calls for it to be banned in India- calls that seem to have been replied with the Madras High Court banning the application within the country.

TikTok which has amassed 120 million month to month users in India – up from about 50 million it had five months ago- has confronted this backlash in light of some prominent occurrences profiles that have demonstrated the platform in poor light and brought about India joining the developing list of countries- including Bangladesh and Indonesia. Here are five episodes that were reported for in the media about issues that allegedly emerged due to the use of the said application and eventually led the ban the application in India.

24-year-old shot in Delhi

The latest incident that has powered anger against Tik Tok is the situation of Mohammad Salman, a 19-year-old kid from Delhi who reportedly lost his life after his companion Suhail Malik coincidentally shot him while he was posing with a country made gun for a TikTok video.

Reports guarantee that the incident occurred in the evening of April 13, when the two were heading to India Gate when the detailed accident occurred.

Tamil Nadu students meet a mishap making Tik Tok video

In February, another incident occurred which expanded the heat on the video-sharing application. While not an instance of a gun incidentally being set off, one student from Tamil Nadu lost his life after coincidentally smashing into a transport while riding on a bike with two of his companions. The mishap incidentally, was an outcome of the three attempting to make a TikTok video while riding on a bike.

Nillu-Nillu challenge prompts clashes

While a large number of us worry over the likelihood of politically motivated clashes during the ongoing elections, before the end of last year two groups in Malapura town of Tamil Nadu ended up battling with one another over TikTok videos.

Eight people were harmed when a group of students and local people battled about Tik Tok videos that were a part of the Nillu-Nillu challenge.

Man loses life in Punjab while making Tik Tok video

Moving back to northern India, prior this year a man in Punjab lost his life after he went under a tractor while making a Tik Tok video.

According to reports, the man was making a video on the platform during which he endeavored to jump on a moving tractor. As destiny would have it, his foot slipped and he wound up under the tire of the tractor and afterward, in the long run, lost his life after getting into the cultivator machine adhered to the tractor.

Man cuts his throat, making Tik Tok video

Another reported episode of the Tik Tok video turning out badly is from a year ago when in Chennai a man trying to make a video incidentally cut his throat on camera.

As per reports, the man was shooting a video where he was claiming to cut his throat. However, as he was making the video, he incidentally ended up cutting his throat and was then caught on the video trying to prevent himself from seeping to death even as he end the recording. His endeavors were in vain as ended up losing his life to the setback during the filming of the decisive Tik Tok video.

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