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PUBG in Trouble

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PUBG mobile is without a doubt a standout amongst the most well-known smartphone games globally, and in India. This has prompted for prohibiting the mobile game getting banned in India.

The ban of the PUBG mobile game in Gujarat and the arrests that followed have set off a national discussion around regulating gaming in India. Gaming guideline isn’t something that has been effectively considered in India, except for laws on gambling and betting. Different laws factors like content regulation and protected property violation. None of these, in any case, could apply to PUBG, since the issue isn’t with its content, yet the outrageous addiction it triggers.

PUBG Mobile was first banned in Rajkot where police got 10 youths for violating the request. Following this, eight more individuals were prisoned from Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar for playing PUBG Mobile. The most recent crackdown occurred in Ahmedabad again where three more individuals were prisoned for playing the game.

Ahmedabad police commissioners had issued a warning banning PUBG Mobile with impact from March 14, PTI reported. In response to it, PUBG has issued a statement, ‘ PUBG is a mobile games meant for entertainment and should be enjoyed in a healthy way. Due to the circumstances occurred, we are trying to make a healthy gameplay system in India to promote balanced, responsible gaming, including responsible gaming, with limited playtime for under-aged.

PUBG Mobile is yet to present any viable measures around the progressing ban. Speaking of, there is no last word till when the PUBG Mobile ban will continue or if other state officials intend to do the same.

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