PUBG mobile is without a doubt a standout amongst the most well-known smartphone games globally, and in India. This has prompted for prohibiting the mobile game getting banned in India. The ban of the PUBG mobile game in Gujarat and the arrests that followed have set off a national discussion around regulating gaming in India. Gaming guideline isn’t something that has been effectively considered in India, except for laws on gambling and betting. Different laws factors like content regulation and protected property violation. None of these,…Continue Reading “PUBG in Trouble”

tiktok banned

TikTok, the famous video making, and sharing application has been in the news for the wrong reasons behind some time now. Despite getting a loyal following over the globe, the app has faced a lot of criticism, and apparently endless stream of controversies has guaranteed that there have been many calls for it to be banned in India- calls that seem to have been replied with the Madras High Court banning the application within the country. TikTok which has amassed 120 million month to month…Continue Reading “Reasons Why TikTok is Being Banned in India”

The 5 Biggest Updates From Google Ads in 2019

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) had been an amazing marketing tool for companies throughout the last ten years. Presently, making a basic ad isn’t sufficient to continue driving traffic to websites. The Search has turned out to be complex to the point that it is restrictively difficult for the average individual to create an effective search advertisement. The digital marketing industry is continually evolving. Strategies, platforms, and tools are dependable in flux, and Google Ads are no exception. Earlier, Google Ads used to be called AdWords—and…Continue Reading “The 5 Biggest Updates From Google Ads in 2019”

HTTP VS. HTTPS What does It Mean For Your Website

What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, what do they both mean, and how are they different? As you visit the internet, you’ve most likely noticed a growing number of website tends to use HTTPS rather than HTTP. One letter of difference implies a lot more than individuals realize, so how about we take a look at how HTTP is not the same as HTTPS and why you should guarantee that your website functions with HTTPS. What is HTTP? The HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer…Continue Reading “HTTP VS. HTTPS: What does It Mean For Your Website?”